Woman Writes Mostly Wrong Ranking of Girl Scout Cookies, Is Rewarded

Last week, a woman wrote a list that was mostly inaccurate but full of deliciousness.


This week, the incredibly kind, thoughtful and amazing women at the Girl Scouts Organization sent us (IN A BOX THAT ORIGINALLY HELD SAMOAS) all of said cookies, each given new monikers per Erin's post. Yes, that means they have been dubbed the following:

10. Rah Rah Raisins = Stop trying to make oatmeal raisin happen. It's not going to happen.

9. Cranberry Citrus Crisps = Conniption Inducers: a fruit & jelly concoction

8. Savannah Smiles = Mediocres, aka the Tobey Maguire of Girl Scout Cookies

7. Thanks-A-Lot = #BasicAssCookies

6. Do Si Dos = For the peanut butter loving weirdos

5. Lemonades = Lemon icing > Peanut butter #duh

4. Tagalongs = The "Kelly Faircloth"s

3. Trefoils = S.B.E's: Simple. Beautiful. Effective

2. Samoas = Wedding cake material

1. Thin Mints = #1 DUH

Much love to the Girl Scouts; much begrudging love to Erin.

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