Why: Do Some Men Wear Boxers/Briefs Under Their Swimsuits?

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The Question: Why do some men wear boxers or briefs under their swimsuits?

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Tom: Um nobody does that.

me: a. I just saw it on Bachelor in Paradise. b. I have seen it recently at the beach.

Tom: Huh that's dumb. People shouldn't do that.


Tom: I dunno man maybe they are afraid of getting boners.

me: I am taking this elsewhere. As usual you're worthless.

Tom: Wow. That is harsh.

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Kyle: Often, to avoid the suction thing where you come out of the water and the trunks stick to your legs and it's just an outline of your dick.

me: OMG what? Why don't they make swimsuits with better liners?

Kyle: You don't wear underwear with trunks that have the mesh liners, since they fix that. But those aren't really comfortable.

me: Why aren't they comfortable?

Kyle: The mesh rides up and is too tight a lot of times.

me: This is a real issue. Do swimsuit designers know about this?

Kyle: I'm not sure. I'm sure some are boys.

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The Internet: Some American men do this but men living in other countries don't. Some consider underwear + a swimsuit very gauche. Some are worried about being pantsed.


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Mark Shrayber

I have never had a problem with the mesh and if you wear darker trunks no one can even see your dick. Also: who is looking at your dick? Not me! I'm just looking at you being dumb and wearing underwear under underwear.