Which Commenter Are You?

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At 3:41 p.m. on Thursday, Jezebel Managing Editor Kate Dries received a series of text messages alerting her: men were typing a comment on an internet article.

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At the time, my latest post on The Slot was “Join 100 Women Posing Naked at the Republican National Convention,” about a self-explanatory art installation planned for this summer. That makes sense; that article could rile any not-quite-secure middle-aged man all the way up. But we haven’t gotten any comment that could have taken so much effort!


Here are all the comments that article has received since the text:

“I definitely see some cocks in that picture.” —STEVOH

“Talk about a one-trick pony. A one-trick naked pony.” —HappinessRules

“Is this the dame guy who did the makes Photoshoot in the mexico City Zócalo? Because the organizatiob there was a mess and dudebros managed to get dressed first and put out their cameras to film women closely without giving a shit about their consent, aparently it was awful.” —Romanticide is truly outrageous [sic’d]

“Um, something tells me it will be 99 women and a dude. [A photo of a man’s testicles peeking through his legs.]” —RooseveltsRevenge

“Getting naked, Always the last, most desperate grasp for attention.” —tonanamous

“Fucking liberals...” —MosstPawn

“Trump supporters will have zero problem with this. In fact, a lot of photography will probably take place.” —GoneIn60Minutes

“some men there too” —Jonesy Be Yours

“Why does it feel like someone is tricking a lot of women to pose nude in public?” —Xenodyne“ ‘For our daughters, I just couldn’t stand by and do nothing.’ Shut up, moron. You just want to get 100 naked women together to photograph them. You’re no better than Terry Richardson.” —HeroOfCanton

“There is an interesting history of women protesting through nudity throughout time and in various places in the world. Part of the power of it is the exposed and vulnerable nature of a naked body. If you see someone that is incredibly vulnerable, it humanizes you...to continue to abuse that vulnerable person says something striking about the one power. I’m personally fascinated by the phenomenon and I think it can be an effective tool but in this case, it will likely fall short. As a protest piece against the war on women, it would have been great to have those mirrors pointed into the windows of the convention.” —Kristen A

“A measly hundred? Tunick is getting old and feeble. We demand more T&A.” —fuscator

“That’s alot of PALE WHITE ASSES...” —DistractedObserver

“Maybe it would be best if he stood by and did nothing.” —burnsitito11

“Even Trump can likely appreciate a nice fruit basket.” —GettinMyRoxOff

Which comment did this spirited group at La Colombe craft and publish???? Not a single comment feels like it could have been the product of minutes of snarky joke pitching. I want to think that they could have produced the comments left by STEVOH or tonanamous or GettinMyRoxOff, or that they got lazy or couldn’t agree on the proper burn and left MosstPawn’s.

Which one is it? Did you give up? Did you get tired and go home? Did one of you bring up a good point about what constitutes Bad Kinja? And who are you? My dad and two of his friends? My neurologist who I owe $60 for inexplicably missing our last appointment? A book club filled with haters?

Please email me no matter what.

Senior Editor, Jezebel

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Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

putting my money on ““A measly hundred? Tunick is getting old and feeble. We demand more T&A.” —fuscator” and the guys being lightweight drunk