In discussing this post, the Jezebel staff discovers that we each have unique and occasionally disgusting philosophies about eating stuff that fell on the ground.

KATE: i have a friend who eats stuff off the street when sober

KATE: so


KATE: or like, has once

KATE: it was an ice cream bar

KATE: p. gross


JESSICA: once is all it takes to become that person

ISHA: I'm not going to judge. but NO.

ISHA: like...was it melted at all?

KATE: it had just hit the new york city street

ISHA: does the five second rule count for ice cream?

HILLARY: Naw fam, naw.

ERIN: everything in the world was dinosaur pee at one point

HILLARY: The ice cream sucks in all the street bits too? Ew.

ERIN: your eyeballs are made of dinosaur pee.

MADELEINE: was it their ice cream?

KATE: i think she actually said

KATE: "five second rule"

MADELEINE: or a strangers?

KATE: this was in high school

KATE: we were stronger then

KATE: or dumber

KATE: or both

ISHA: erin that's like the complete opposite of the NDT star stuff quote

ERIN: well the pee is more recent than the stars

ERIN: let's be real

MADELEINE: i'm not saying i would do that, but i'm also not saying i wouldn't do that


ERIN: we were more recently piss puddles than star explosions.

MADELEINE: here's protocol when you drop food on the ground: 1. pick it up 2. act like you're hanging onto it to throw it away 3. wait enough time that people stop thinking about the initial drop 4. subtly eat