Men who have friend requested me on Facebook

1. A former friend who once held me down in the back of a cab and tried to assault me and then, when I got out of the cab at a light and tried to get away, got out after me with his palms up and was like "WHAT? I THOUGHT THAT'S WHAT YOU WAAAANTED!".

2. Guy who had just sent me a message into my "other" folder telling me I was a cunt he hoped would choke to death.


3. The subject of this piece.

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Good rule of thumb: if you tried to rape a woman, or if you told her you want her to die, or if it's been publicly established that she thinks you're a socially destructive manbaby with impulse control issues, she probably does not want to be friends.

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fighting polish, white sox rememberer we're not going to be facebook friends or what