The Most Important Toddler Ever Asks Life's Most Important Question

Exactly what would it be like if you had an infinite amount of faces that you could take off at will? What would it sound like? What would it feel like? How does your concepts of self fit into into the archetype of the persona as put forward by Jung. All this and more answered in the above video.

On the surface, it seems like this is just a kid having fun and sharing some ideas. In reality, however, this is some genius-level thinking at play and if the thought of infinite faces one can remove at will isn't sending you into bed to contemplate the concept of self right now, then you're probably going to need to look deeper.

Let's hope the next installment of this video series is: "If you have infinite faces, can one really freeze that way?"


Full disclosure: This moppet belong to Tracy Moore and yes, is the product of this post, which I just can't let go of. It's rare that her genius is shared publicly, but almost everything this toddler says is pretty much the most impressive thing ever. I've asked Tracy to let her daughter come teach my classes, but apparently she's not ready.

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Um, is no one going to be honest about the fact that that child cannot be understood whatsoever?