Here's Samantha Bee Accurately Labeling Jezebel 'the Maxi Pad of Record'

Monday night’s episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee tackled several issues—what a lowkey but not really lowkey fucktard John Kasich is, how Syrian refugees are handling living in the United States—but most of interest to us is how the working world sucks for women and Jezebel is on it!

In the segment, Bee explores how, for women, working at the Grand Canyon isn’t as majestic as it seems, working in comedy isn’t as funny as it seems, and, as Joanna Rothkopf recently explored, working on a cruise ship isn’t as...well, IDK, because being trapped on a boat is my worst nightmare.


“Go Jezebel!” said Bee, who in that moment became the first human on earth to ever utter that phrase. Shouts out to her and her team for this historic occasion.

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