Grace. Jones.

I was trying to find a video of Grace Jones singing at Milan Fashion Week haven't seen one yet. Guys, she hoolahooped. (If you see a clip, please send it my way). I found this performance of "Pull Up to the Bumper" from 2013.

The song, the look, her face, the performance = FLAWLESS GRACE. She also yells at the audience (in English and French) to show some enthusiasm. "Put your fucking cameras down and clap your hands before I kill you. Come on. Come on. Put your cameras down and clip your hands for a minute." If Grace Jones ever threatened to kill me, it would be the defining moment of my life. I would make my children re-enact the moment out for me at all my future birthday parties.


It also brings us an important life lesson: YOU CLAP DURING GRACE JONES' PERFORMANCE. PEOPLE. COME ON.

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